Poodle Vs Wolf Debate

For once I actually decided to read my September 2016 (Issue 253) of Marie Claire Australia instead of just skipping to the beauty section and I found an article called “Are you a Poodle or a Wolf”.  The content is apparently an editorial extract from a book called “You’ll Grow Out of It” by Jessi Klein a stand up comedian and writer based in the USA.

The book was published in July 2016 and debate about Poodle Vs Wolf has been raging every since according to my google search.  For those that have no idea what I’m talking about the very simple explanation is Poodles and Wolves share 99% of the same gene pool so technically are the same species but they are totally different creatures.  Women are the same we all share basically the same XX chromosomes but we are vastly different creatures and we fit one of two types (Poodle or Wolf):

Poodle – always elegantly graceful, alway wear the right clothes, total self confidence that they are the most beautiful woman in the room, turns up late to everything because they are the centre of their own universe, even at the gym they don’t sweat and so on.

Wolf: never quite dressed right for the occasion because fashion is irrelevant to their life, sweats at the gym and comes away looking hot and irritated, life of the party because they are approachable and funny, if their late it’s because they were busy with their kids or other responsibility, generally as a rule not the centre of their own universe.  Can if pushed dress up to look like a Poodle and behave like one but they’re really not comfortable in that role.

Me personally I think she got it slightly wrong.  I think you can divide women into 3 types of Canine varieties as follows:

poodlePrancers e.g. Poodles: always elegantly graceful, alway wear the right clothes, total self confidence that they are the most beautiful woman in the room, turns up late to everything because they are the centre of their own universe, even at the gym they don’t sweat.  However they tend to me needy and don’t like to be left on their own very much.

pulisf4Domestics e.g. Puli:  Tend to be outward not inward focused on their job, family or community.  Incredibly loyal to their family and naturally suspicious of strangers they will furiously defend their territory.  They are comfortable in their own skin so it’s not that they don’t care about fashion they just know what they feel comfortable in.  They’d much rather spend 20 minutes talking to their kids, spouse or family than slapping on makeup.  It doesn’t make them any less female and if pushed they’ll turn themselves into a poodle for a good reason but they’re happy to let everyone know this is not their day to day nature.  They are also amazingly good communicators who seem to know exactly the right thing to say at the right time in any situation.

flat550x550075fWolves: These ladies are a completely different bread altogether.  They might have the XX Chromosome but they like wolves will never be mistaken for either a Prancer or Domestic.  They might or might not bother to dress up for an event because they literally don’t care what anyone thinks of them.  They naturally radiate an intense level of energy.  Most people male or female feel uncomfortable around a wolf because she’s not trying to join in she’s studying them maybe in amusement or maybe to get an understanding of the group dynamic. The one thing she wolves have in common with other women is with Domestics and their devotion to their pack (family). Pity the Poodle who makes a play for a she wolfs man as that is when you truly see what an apex predatory is capable of.

I’m going to put my hand up and freely admit to being a She Wolf to my bones, which might explain why I’m still single.  After all it takes an equally as strong He Wolf to be able to live with a She Wolf we tend to be intense and a little scary.

Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur

Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur – A Mythological Dating Guide

IMG_4258 IMG_4259 IMG_4261

Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur is actually less a dating guide since it does not tell you where to find dates or how to behave on date as it is a quiz book to find the type of Mythological Creature you are and the best “type” of Mythological Creature you are suited to for a relationship.

The way she describes things makes the book easy to read and very entertaining.  For instance she describes her experience of being a first time online dater as “feeling like I had wandered into a dark thicket and lost my way. I was suddenly in a foreign, twisted, tangled forest without a map or a guidebook to help me understand all the new creatures that surrounded me. “.  This is a description I totally get I feel the same every time I venture into a new chapter of my dating life.

So she developed her survival strategy which was to come up with a system of classifying people herself included into what she knows best “Mythological Creatures”.  From that point she found it easy to work out best, worst and possibly might work types to date based on her classifications system.

The book is easy to navigate it starts out with “personality type descriptions” and from there you then look up what Mythological creature you are based on your personality type and then you go look up how your mythological creature interacts with others.

I’ll admit I was sceptical at first but I did what the instructions said and at first I swung between the personality type of “Urban Elf” and “Banshee” till I read the full description of both and I am 110% a Banshee.  Ironically Banshee best match is a Werewolf, which is hilarious because I’ve always said I like dog better then people and lets face it a Werewolf is just a big dog.

She does state in the book that you might find despite the fact your gender is female your mythological creature type might be male and vice versa.  She also has sections on “mixers” people who don’t neatly fit into one mythological creature type but are say a combo of “Fairy/Vampire” which she calls Night Fairies.  The book caters for all types as it has Male-Female, Male-Male and Female-Female matching sections and can be used both for dating or any other area of your life where you are going to be letting someone get close to you (e.g. friendship, business partner).

What the book is not going to tell you is where to find your ideal partner although when you read the descriptions of the typical activities enjoyed by this type of mythological creature in the full type descriptions you’ll find good hints as to where to go hunting.  For example you are likely to find “Urban Elves” male or female in their favourite coffee shop watching people and blogging on their laptops or Vampires are unlikely to be found at the beach unless it’s after dark and they are watching the moon rise.

Personally as someone who grew up loving fair tails and Roman/Greek myths I love this book and it really does make it less terrifying trying to work out if the person your interested in is likely to be a good match for you because it’s suddenly fun trying to work out which Mythological Creature your prospective partner is.