Mr My Wife

Mr My Wife

By now I was going on these dates for pure entertainment and with the mindset that what doesn’t kill you would probably make and excellent book someday. The next guy I went on a coffee date with had a mind-set that was just plain scary.

Physically he was really muscled since he spent at least 2 to 4 hours every day at the gym lifting weights and doing muscle sculpting for a rough idea of his muscle mass think Arnold Schwarzenegger in his body building days. Overly muscle guys aren’t normally my thing to start with but when I met this guy I had to bite the inside of my mouth really heard not to burst out laughing the problem was he was only about 5ft (152cm) tall so the muscle mass was badly proportioned. He was nice enough to give me a rose on the coffee date and then screwed it up 5 min later by commenting that someone my size really should only ever drink low or zero fat milk in her coffee.

Turns out he had grown up in a small town near Canberra, moved to Canberra to attend University and had never left. As I found out when I asked more questions he meant it when he said he’d never left Canberra, not even for a weekend away in Sydney or down to the Coast. I asked him what he did for holidays and turns out he took “stay-cations” and booked a hotel room in Canberra and did the tourist things in Canberra. If you’ve ever been to Canberra you would know that there really isn’t all that much to do in the way of “tourist” things let alone for every vacation you’ve ever taken in the 20 years he had lived there.

Then things got really creepy when he started going on about how when he got married his wife wouldn’t work. His wife would be a stay at home mum and she would have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl but his wife would have a university degree because then his children would be smart. He would give his wife an allowance every month because women could never seem to manage money and the more you gave them the more they would waste it. Once a year till they had children, which would be exactly 3 years after they were married, he would take his wife on a vacation but only one of those would be overseas and he would pick the location. His wife would go to the gym every day because it would be important for his career for her to look her best and his wife would not be allowed to have a weight issue.

I honestly felt sorry for this “wife” of his because over the years he had created the perfect fantasy in his head about what this “wife” would do, say, look like, act and it seemed to be a cross between Barbie and The Stepford Wife robots. I stopped counting the amount of times he used the term “my wife” when I hit 50 and this date only went for 30 minutes, seriously the guy had issues.

He didn’t suggest we have a second date thank the goddess because I’m not sure I could have thought of a nice way to say “ah no way in hell”.  As it turns out we both told the Dating Agency from Hell that they totally missed the mark on that date as we had zero interests in common and even less interest in each other.  By now I was beginning to realise that Carman wasn’t even interviewing the people she sent me on dates with because when I mentioned he was only 5ft (152cm) tall she said to me “oh really I would never have realised he didn’t sound short on the phone”, I just hung up on her it seemed simpler than pointing out that under the contract I signed with her company she’s supposed to vet these guys in person as suitable candidates before sending me on dates with them.

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Very unexpectedly I’ve been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award by desleyjane author of Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist a blog I highly recommend anyone into Photography goes and visits not only for her amazing photographs but also for her fun commentary and occasional notes on Scientific Experiments she sometimes does.

There are apparently rules to this award which I’ve scrupulously studied mainly to see which of them I can get away with bending (just a little)

So here are the RULES!

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you & link back to their site.  Thanks you desleyjane author of Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist 
  • Put the award logo on your blog. – Done i
  • Answer the ten questions sent to you. Done 
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. Done see final section
  • Nominate seven bloggers who you feel deserve the award. Done 

 And here are my questions from desleyjane:

1. What is your morning routine after waking up?

Alh I”m such a technology geek that literally the first thing I do every mooring is check my phone for e-mails and messages then I go pee (doesn’t every girl pee ASAP in the morning).  My next step is to check my Facebook and Twitter Feeds to see what the international chunks of my family/friends have gotten up to or what disaster has happend while I’ve restlessly been getting my beauty sleep.

Once I’m dressed my dogs will have heard me moving around if they weren’t already in my room they will magically appear out of nowhere and we have cuddles and they follow me around while I take my medication. After I’m medicated I head downstairs to mum/dads place in search of hot coffee and food (I haven’t really lived in my house as I’ve been working FIFO so I’m still moving into my house and there is no food in my cupboards).  Once I have coffee I pick whatever breakfast cereal looks good and have that for breakfast, if I’m dead lucky mum will have cooked a hot breakfast and mine will be in the oven staying warm.

Right now my routine post breakfast is clean teeth and pick project to work on for the day be it job hunting, reading, blogging, unpacking-sorting and then I stick or attempted to stick to doing that job for the day.  However if I was working post breakfast would be clean teeth, put cami paint on (AKA Make-Up), get lunch out of fridge/freezer, make sure I have all the normal shit in my bag and head off to work.

2. If you could turn up at the airport and go anywhere in the world for free, where would go and why?

Can I have a multiple stops ticket?  Going with the multi stop ticket, first would be Singapore to visit big sis and her boys. Next would be London to visit my lil sis and spend more time exploring UK-Irland.  Then i would jump a flight to NYC because I only got to spend 4 days there in November 2014 and I want to go back.  Expanding this to I either have a fabulous job that lets me roam around the world working or I have an endless supply of cash I’d bounce around the USA-Canada going to all the places I didn’t see last time or want to redo again finishing up in LA.  From LA I would head home to Brisbane because they have direct flights which is only about 20 hours as opposed to my 26 hour trip from London-Dubai-Brisbane last year.

3. Apple or Samsung?

Oh dear confession time.  I used to be a Samsung geek girl to my bones and I hated Apple.  Then consecutive Samsung phones developed “issues” and I had to borrow my then housemates Apple iPhone for a couple of days while Optus argued with Samsung as to if they or Samsung had to deal with my phones issues.  Now I’m an Apple all the way kind of girl, I should cringe as I say this but I own 2 iPhones, iPad Air and my MacBook Air.  The fact my dad moved my MacBook Air today and I couldn’t find it to do this blog, watch movies, live my virtual life created a moment in which I had a total meltdown and rang him frothing at the mouth and ranting about not being able to find my precious AirBook and demanding to know what he’d done to it and why was he punishing me this way – I did say it was a melt down.

4. Tell me about something that made you really happy recently?

Talking to my best friend on the phone this morning and realising I’m not the only one having a case of February Blues.  This prompted me to go out to lunch and then go for a walk on the beach to come home and find a package from my lil sis in London on my doorstep with stuff I’d left at her place and a packed of Angel Oracle cards she thought I might like.  All of this made what hasn’t exactly been a good day in the middle of a crap week seem a lot better and it all made me smile.

5. What did you have for dinner tonight?

I haven’t had dinner yet but I’m seriously considering going around to the local bakery and buying one of the display birthday cakes which is basically sugar, cream, flour and food colouring with no nutritional value at all and eating a large slice of it with fresh brewed coffee.  Like I said February blues……..

6. What is your favourite movie and what do you love about it?

Casablanca – it doesn’t have a Hollywood happily ever after ending and considering it was made before technology could help make a film look better the lighting is amazing.  Seriously rematch it or watch it if you’ve never seen it and see how well they do mood scenes just with lighting alone.

7. What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

It lets me write and the blogging community has so far been extremely nice.

My Surviving Cookie Cutter Dating was kicked off because all my girlfriends and some guy friends would send my bad date e-mails on to other friends who where having dating issues so I decided to share my wealth of knowledge and experience simply so other singles out there holding out for their Mr Right but being pressured into settling for Mr Oh Ok He’ll Do know they are not alone in their “all my friends are attached or married what’s wrong with me” grief.

As for the Cutting Cookies Solo Girls Travel Guide that was kicked off so my friends-family could follow my 6 week trip through the USA-UK and I found it helped me keep calm while planning it but also to de-stress by writing about the good, bad and evil squirrels.  One of the biggest things about solo travel is there is just you so little things can become big issues and stress you out but if you’re blogging about it suddenly it’s funny stressful not sit in the corner sobbing my holiday is ruined stressful.

8. When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Last night when I got nominated for this award I laughed out loud and woke my dog Nano up and this was the not happy why did you wake me up look I got


9. If you and I were to meet for a coffee, what would you most like to talk about?

Your photography, your dog Miss G, your job which frankly sounds fascinating and I’m sure from there we would find other things to talk about.

10. Do you have a catchphrase? Or something that you say a lot?

Cool bananas – I’m well aware of the fact I say it but somehow I just can’t get my brain to control my mouth and stop it coming out  and it sounds so unprofessional when I say it at work.

Nominate seven bloggers who you feel deserve the award

  1. Evil Genius Mum because she’s family, she got me started on wordpress and her musings about her ever growing brewed of sprawlings is vastly entertaining to read.  Plus this is a virtual ass kick to get her blogging again.
  2. With Her Nose Stuck In A Book  she reads, reviews and blogs about books in a way that is funny and entertaining.  I’m also just impressed with the total amount of books she can read in what seems like no time at all.  Plus she manages to find really odd ball shops that have presents book lovers want to be given for their birthdays, x-mass, solstice or just because.
  3. Brittany from Boston – I only recently found this blog and really wish I had of been reading it before I went to Boston in Oct 2014.  However I’m now determined to go back, stay in a brownstone as she suggests and do the 12 things on her Boston List because i really want to see Boston the way she does not through the jaded eyes of someone who got stuck in a hotel where the bathroom door handle came off in my hand.
  4. Single Dating Diva – Shout out to another blogger covering the world of dating and being single.  Occasionally I agree with her on topics and occasionally I find myself rolling me eyes and snorting as I say rude words, never the less her blogs are always entertaining and I’m curious to see what she’ll have to say about Valentines Day
  5. The Girl Next Door Is Black – I stumbled across this blog while I was in San Francisco, actually I over heard a guy at my fav coin laundry raving about it to the guy he was having breakfast with (the laundry is also a cafe) and decided to check it out and I’m glad I did.  I don’t think I’ve ever read any of her blog posts without smiling and laughing and often going OMG I’m not the only one.
  6. Tea & Giggles – I enjoy the way this blog is written and since I’m also in the process of putting my Ancestry Visas for the UK together I find her blogs both entertaining and informative.  I can’t wait to read about her move to the UK.
  7. Transitions – ok this is where I am probably bending the rules since they award is “sisterhood” but nowhere in the rules did it say my nominated bloggers had to be female so meet Steve Rose a PhD candidate in sociology at Queen’s University, currently writing a dissertation on suicidal ideation among Canadian military veterans returning from Afghanistan.
  • Ok so why nominate Steve – for those who really don’t know me well and let’s face it that’s almost everyone reading this you might not be aware that I’m a life long suffer of Depression.  So far I’ve been reasonably lucky and only had one very bad stretch where after ending up in the emergency ward for an accidental overdoes of pain killers I spend 2 years on anti depressants and counselling which allowed me to very slowly rebuild my by that stage shatter life.  I also spent a very huge chunk of my career working in Defence and still have people I consider family serving in the military so I’ve seen up close and personal what PTSD can do to someone.
  • Steve’s blog post aren’t normally light hearted, often not funny and sometimes down right painful to read but he is opening up discussion on the fact that mental health issues shouldn’t be a stigma and if we want to prevent more suicides open forums of discussion need to happen.  I’m lucky for me the stigma of Depression never stuck mostly thanks to a very strong support network of family & friends but as I said to Steve recently there are times I feel like I’m speaking a different language even when discussing Depression with professionals in the field of mental health.  My brain is more like Miss Havisham house in Charles Dickens Great Expectations a dimly light and slowly festering place or cobwebs and dark corners and those around me are Pollyanna’s – every problem has a silver lining you just need to find it,  so as much as they love me and want to help they just don’t get what Depression can do to your mind or emotions.

On a lighter note tag you are it and your 10 questions are below:

  1. What’s the story behind the name of your blog?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. If you could go back in time and change something in your past would you and why?
  4. If you had to spend 6 weeks in medical isolation at home what books, movies or TV shows would you read/watch?
  5. What’s your favourite type of weather and why?
  6. If you had unlimited resources to travel where would you go?
  7. When you pack to go away for longer than a week how many pairs of jeans do you pack and why?
  8. What is the best or worst date you’ve ever been on?
  9. What is your favourite Holiday of the year?
  10. On a bad day what do you do to make yourself feel better?