What Makes Me Qualified to Write This Blog

What Makes Me Qualified to Write This Blog

So what makes me so qualified to be lets face it down right mean about the Relationship Industry and the fact I think you’d have better luck finding Mr/Mrs Right walking your dog in the park (walking the dog would also be better for your physical and mental health). I’m as I write this 6 months into my 40th year of life. I started my “looking for Mr Right” quest at the age of 30 in 2004 after a couple of short relationships that didn’t go far. This means I’ve been documenting my experiences in the world of Cookie Cutter Dating for 10 years in most industries that would make me a subject matter expert, in the dating world it just makes me either pathetic or fussy depending on who you ask.

2004 was back in the days of dial up modems and it was the beginning of the online dating era. I can’t for the life of me remember the sites I joined up to but there was 2 or 3 I joined and being totally broke I only went for the ones where basice membership was free. Shifting around for work meant I moved locations and while settled in Canberra for a little while I had my first experience with a face to face Relationship Consultancy Firm (match makers). Moving yet again I looked into agencies that organised group events (dinner dates for 8 people etc), again looked at online dating (it is improving), moved again to a new state and sick of the online scene looked at agencies that where totally phone based, looked into other face to face companies for “preliminary interview” to see if I wanted to list with them and so on and so forth. If there was a book on the subject I would get it out of the library and read it..

Finally deciding I must be very damage I put some serious effort into seeing a Psychologist and then a life coach who both told me the same thing – there is NOTHING wrong with me but I needed to ditch the “tick list” I’d been programmed with and just live my life.

Decpite the bad dates which yes I will eventually blog about I’m still looking, still trying new apps that pop up, still at times wondering what is wrong with me that I can’t find a decent guy to go out with.  Admittedly my job as a FIFO currently on a 21/7 shift roster isn’t helping but I’ll rant about that in another post.  My most recent brush with Relationship Consultancy firms was with the new hybrid variety that has a web based service but also offers “personal” service with a living breathing human for a little extra money via the phone.

So basically if it’s got something to do with “finding Mr Right” I’ve probably tryed it, oh wait exept speed dating the recon mission for checking that out was an interesting night which will be covered, so I’d say I’m more than qualified to share my opinions, observations and extperiences with the Dating Industry with the world.

The next few blogs I’ll cover in detail first my experience with what I’ll politely term human run firms and then the purely online firms. Basically if I spoke to a living breathing human via phone or in person they fall in the category of “human run firms” so that includes phone and hybrid firms. Purely online are the just that you download the app or join the website, pay via credit card maybe get an auto-generated email or 6 but you never ever speak to a living breathing human