The Day I Shot Cupid

The Day I Shot Cupid

Cupid Shoot Front Cupid Shoot inside

Going to admit when I picked this book up in the Library I did not realise it had been written by Jennifer Love Hewitt and if I had I probably wouldn’t have read it.  I mean here is a girl who looks perfect, makes millions and could have her pick of guys what an earth is she going to tell me about finding Mr Right.

As it turns out she’s just like the rest of us who are looking for Mr Right.  She’s dated and even been engaged to enough Mr Wrong to know both what she wants in a relationship but also the pit falls in finding Mr Right For You.  She even admits to the body image issues of getting older like cellulite and the moment you go OMG I’ve inherited Grandma Jane’s spider vein on my legs, but in her case instead of having THAT moment in your own bathroom followed by ice-cream happy fix in the kitchen, she’s had to deal with it being all over the front of Magazines with others commenting on it and no amount of ice-cream in the kitchen makes that a good day.

The book is written with a far amount of humour and even has one section written by a male friend of her’s who’s advice is stop trying to be thin men like big butts and something they can hold onto.  The few peaces of advice she gives that are not stock standard are worth paying attention to which are;

1. In the first few months spend time really listening to what he says about everything preferably without “oh wow he’s so perfect” filters on because what comes out of his mouth is the true him and people for short time periods might act different but in reality we never change so the real him will surface sooner or later.  For example he might say he’s calm under presser and as soon as he’s in even minor traffic he rants, foams at the mouth and verbally abuses every other driver (that’s the real him you’re hearing right there not the cool, calm & collected guy he’s pretending to be to impress you).

2. Buy a Tiara and wear it – ok this is the oddest peace of advice I’ve ever heard but her advice is buy a tiara and wear it because every girl should feel like a princess.  Wear it while having a bubble bath after a bad day, wear it after a bad date while you pamper yourself to remind you that you are wonderful, wear it out on your birthday to dinner because it’s YOUR day to feel like a princess.  Her personal trainer even recommends wearing it while exercising because even hot, sweaty and exhausted you feel like a princess wearing a tiara.

3. Take time to look after you and exercise no matter what is going on in his world, your world or your joined worlds you need to get out of bed, get your ass moving and be the fabulous you that you know you can be for you not for any one else.  The get out and get moving is especially important post breakup after all there is no better revenge than running into an X and knowing you look and feel fabulous especially if he’s the sort who’ll have expected you to keel over in a screaming heap only able to get out of bed to buy more chocolate.

The book is light hearted easy to read and if you’re a fast reader then it’ll only take you a couple of hours (uninterrupted) since  the chapters are short and in some cases it’s literally dot point one line sentences.  Over all it was an enjoyable read and it does contain some useful information especially on helping him buy the right engagement ring without actually dragging his ass into a shop and going “buy that one”.