Mr Addiction

Mr Addiction

The final date I went on through the dating agency from hell was with a guy who should never have made it past their interview process let alone been sent on dates with people. He rocked up late and looked and smelt like he had been sleeping in his clothes for a week. Turns out he worked at the casino as a black-jack dealer and had worked the night shift so he was a little sleep deprived thus the reason he was late. We went to one of my favorite coffee shops, which was actually the one I’d been using for most of these dates. I’d been there so often on these dates that the head of bar knew my order off by heart and the manager had become a friend.

They guy had been fidgety and moving from one foot to the other outside but when we sat down (inside at his instance) he couldn’t sit still. He was constantly tapping the table, jiggling his feet, moving around in his seat, which got really irritating after about 2 min. Then he took his sunglasses off and his eyeballs were yellow like glow in the dark orbs of bright yellow and his pupils were seriously dilated.

At this point in time I was tempted to just get up and walk out because I’ve unfortunately known enough junkies to recognise one when it’s sitting in front of me. I flat-out asked him if he was high and he said “no I just took a little something to get me going cause I was out really late last night” but then admitted he regularly uses speed to keep himself energised. Turns out he wasn’t only a speed junky he was a gambling addict and most nights after work would go to private poker parties and if he had more than 2 days in a row off he’d go up to Sydney or down to Melbourne to the casinos. He apparently had to go out of state to gamble the amounts he gambled because as a Casino employee he couldn’t gamble where he worked without management realising he had issues.

I spent the 20 minutes it took to drink my coffee fuming that I had wasted my time going out with this idiot and he want on and on and on about how he had this system for some game he was totally hooked on playing and how he just knew he’d hit it big on his next trip to Melbourne.

We finished and went up to the counter to pay and the Manager who was working the till automatically charged Mr Addiction for both mine and his drink “oh I’m not paying for her drink” was Mr Addictions response. The manager didn’t miss a beat he told the guy what his drink cost then turned to me and said “yours in on the house sweetie after all you’ve had enough bad dates here to deserve it, go home and have a stiff drink from what we’ve seen you probably need it by now”, then looked at the guy with a straight face and politely asked if there was something else he needed.

Even I have my limits of what I can put up with so from that date forth when the company rang me I simply told them I wasn’t interested. When they asked me if I’d met someone I was honest and told them no but I’d rather chew my own arm off than go on another date organized by them. Since I apparently still had another 3 months of service available through them they put my membership on hold for 12 months and then tried to get me to re-sign up. Since in those 12 months I had lost 2 family members, nearly died 3 times, survived cancer lost my ability to have kids due to the cancer and basically was in a VERY bad mood the day they rang to see if I’d like to rejoin up at the second time around discounted rate the conversation was less than polite and extremely short since they hung up on me FU rant.