Head vs Heart or Brains vs Brawn

Head vs Heart or Brains vs Brawn

When I was a very little girl a friend of my mums who was very into what today would be termed “pagan beliefs” noticed something a little odd about my hands or rather my palms.  How odd I hear you ask?  Odd enough that it makes me a statistical abnormality.  Most people’s palms are roughly the same and both left/right palms will add or remove lines as you age.  However roughly 4% of the population have plans that will not change because they have what is know as the Simian Line running across both their left and right palms.

Simian Line

I however don’t have similar palms in fact my palms are so totally different they could belong to 2 separate people.  I’ve never really paid much attention to Palmistry so I never really cared that my palms are so odd all I knew was that people at Wiccan, Pagan and Tarot events I went to would get really really really hyper excited when they spotted my palms.

While I was in the USA last year sating at The Harbour Lights Inn (really recommend staying there) Marblehead MA USA I hiked my ass into Salem and because it was Halloween and well hell I was in Salem I forked out the cost of going to see a “reader”.  He was amazing in his ability with his cards and just as we finished I noticed something interesting, like me the line on his right hand went right across his palm.  As it turned out I was wrong it was actually a scar but he did spend the time at no cost to me to explain why people get so hyper excited about my palms.  My right hand has a Simian Line (head/heart combined) with no gaps, breaks or deviations.  My left hand however is totally the opposite I have very distinct head, heart and life lines and none of them link.  To have two so radically different palms is a genetic oddity in itself to have one of them be a Simian Line Palm is something like a less than 1% chance for the entire populations and for it to be on a girl is apparently almost impossible.

So why am I babbling on about having a Simian Line Palm on my right hand.  Apparently according to Palmistry it means that my head and heart lines are fused and since my right hand is my dominant hand it is totally impossible for me to make any decision without both my head and heart bing completely in agreement with each other.

How I hear you ask is this relevant to dating or any type of relationship?  I was never one of those girls and still aren’t actually who could just jump in the sack and have sex with some random stranger I have to get to know and like someone before I’m going to boff his brains out.  I always put it down to trust issues, which it probably partly is but according to the world of Palmistry it boils down to simple biology – my body might be going OH HELL YEAH HOT DAME but if my brain goes BORING it;s not going to happen.

I’ve had this discussion over the years (drunk and sober) with a variety of people and it came up again recently and I always find it really hard to explain why I can’t sleep with dumb guys.  The fact I don’t do one night stands or even a quick fling seems to surprise people but the fact that my head and heart have to be in alinement for me to find you sexy just baffles people.

Trust me I have tried to overcome this little personality quirk I mean when you’ve got some guy hitting on you that is as buff as  Daniel Freuerrigel for his role in Spartacus my body is going OH HELLS YEAH! Then he opens his mouth and has the gymbo vocabulary of “I AM GROOT” my brain instantly goes OMFG NOOOOOO and flicks the switch from interested to uninterested in a heart beat.

(Disclaimer here – Dan is actually a really intelligent guy and a brilliant actor)

Daniel Freuerrigel as Agron in Spartacus

Daniel Freuerrigel as Agron in Spartacus

The opposite is that when I meet really intelligent guys who in their own geeky way are kind of cute along the lines of Johnny Depp in The Ninth Gate my brain goes OH Hells yeah dude with a brain and my body goes Meh he’s not that buff NEXT,

Johnny Depp - The Ninth Gate

Johnny Depp – The Ninth Gate

From what girlfriends over the years have told me guys without much brain power are either not that imaginative in bed or require training but once trained tend to do exactly as requested (guess that could have its upside).  I have actually had this discussion with guy friends over the years as well and apparently the equivalent to the Himbo-gymbo is the Barbi-gymbo who looks amazing but who’s bedroom skills stop at the Star-Fishing. I had no idea what Star-Fishing was till it was explained exactly as follow “you know she lies there like an almost dead starfish at the beach and anytime you touch her or poke her she makes these odd squeaking sounds”.

So where do you stand on the Brains Vs Brawn or Head Vs Heart debate?  Can you do it can you totally ignore the fact that  it’s likely to be missionary position sex with zero conversation afterward or like me does your brain have to be in tune with your body for the big O to happen?