One Word Respondent

One Word Respondent

Having moved back to the Sunshine Coast and had my life turned upside down, inside out and back wards I decided to re-enter the dating world.  This time round I did the online thing, don’t ask me which site because for the life I me I can’t remember.  I quickly learned to be very very picky about what I was and was not interested in and eventually bit the bullet and went on a couple of real live dates.

First guy I meet seemed nice enough online and texting but on the phone was very short in his responses as in he only gave one word answers like yes, no, fine, by.  Since I’m not a big fan of chatting to people I haven’t met in person on the phone I didn’t hold this against him.

So the appointed date and time came around and I was waiting outside Jamaica Blue in Mooloolaba when a he turned up and for once I was truly surprised as he looked exactly like he did in his online profile picture, I’m actually 99% sure he was even wearing the same t-shirt.  This in the online dating world isn’t very common as people tend to use their best or in some cases worst photos to put up so it’s odd for someone to look exactly the same in person as on a profile pic.

The date was short and possibly the most painful social experience I have lived through.  To start with I did the usual “Hi I’m Nikki it’s nice to meet you” thing as you hold out your hand for a hand shake.  His response was mmm and the most dead body handshake I have ever felt.  Seriously his skin was cold and there was little to no effort on his part to move his hand and arm in the normal handshake way and it was creepy.

So we ordered coffee, paid and sat down and OMG it was bad.  He stared at me the entire time but didn’t talk unless I asked questions in which case I got one word responses.  To give you an indication of what it was like the conversation went something like this:

Me – so your profile says you own your own business what do you do?

HIM – Landscaping

Me – oh really how long have you been doing that?

Him – years

Me – have you lived on the coast long?

Him – no

By this stage I was finding it tough to be polite and rapidly running out of things to ask questions about.  Normally I don’t have a problem being social and nattering away with social babble so long as I’m getting some decent feed back that I can work with I can hold a conversation with just about anyone but this guy was giving me nothing to work with.

Eventually I just stopped talking, quickly drank the rest of my coffee, said something like “it was really nice meeting you” and fled.  By the time I got home he’d blocked my profile so it’s not like I could even ask what was with the anti-social one line responses.  If I was suspicious, which I am, I’d think two very different people were talking to me because the online persona was very chatty and funny and well written where as the guy i had coffee with was a walking corps.


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